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How we were able to score high on nutrition?

Freeze dried vegetables & fruits

A variaty of fruits and vegatables is important to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Each shake provides a variety of at least 200 grams of vegetables and fruits to ensure an optimal nutritional intake. These are freezedried to sustain 98% of the fresh quality!

Save Time, Live Healthier

The best alternative for convenience food

A busy life is problem #1 why people miss out on essential nutrients. You might recognize it: after work you have to go straight to the gym which means you don’t have the time to cook something healthy. In this case, you need something which is healthy and easy to prepare. Major21 is an innovative comprehensive meal shake which contains all the macro’s and micro’s you’ll need to meet all your goals.

Recommended Daily Intake

To stay healthy, you need a variety of nutrients. Our proportions are adapted to offer the right amount of nutrients you need, based on the latest European standards..

All Natural Ingredients

Major21 now introduces a nutritionally complete all-natural powdered meal with 200 gram of special selected fruits & vegatables. No artificial ingredients are added to our blends.

Your Long-Term Energy Boost

To fuel speed, cognition, enhance focus and memory. Major21 is designed to give a clean energy boost to compete at high levels.



It doesn’t matter if you have to focus on sports or your work: our shake provides all essential nutrients you need! With freezedried fruits and vegatables, we can sustain 98% of the fresh quality!

Science Based

We have ensured a right balance of ingredients in all our products in collaboration with researchers and professors from the food valley of the world: the renowned University of Wageningen!

Super Easy and Fast to Prepare

Major21 is easy and fast to prepare. Save energy and time while consuming the highest amount of balanced nutrients you can get to perform at your best abilities.

We Listen And Provide:

At Major21 we have conducted careful research into the opinions of potential customers. By actively listening to them, we have created a shake that is adapted to the needs of our customers.

Everything I need

“I often face the problem that I have to consume protein shakes next to my regular diet in order to consume enough protein on a daily basis, because I do a lot of sports. I would love to have an alternative that contains enough protein so that I don’t need these extra protein shakes anymore”

Active Sporter

Real ingredients

“For me, healthy eating is really important. The problem with many products is that they claim to be healthy but they are not transparent in what they actually consist of. For me, transparency is really important. If your product claims to be healthy, why hide it”

Health Expert

Quick, Healthy & Complete

“I do not have much variety in my meals. I wish there was a balanced mix which addresses all my nutritional Needs!  I often don’t have the time to make the effort for meal preperation.”

Outdoor Fanatic


Set PR’s, goals and do everything to your ability to reach it. Major21 helps you to focus on your goals as your nutritionist and personal chef.

5 Steps For Easy Preps

1) Fill your bottle with water
2) Add the mixing ball
3) Add one pouch of powder
4) Shake the bottle
5) Enjoy!

Lightweight and Ready within Minutes

The Major21 meal shake is fast and easy to prepare. Just add the content of one package to a shaker or blender, add some water, shake it up and it is ready to enjoy as quick breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Long-life Powder

By using advanced technology from the University of Wageningen, we are able to preserve our powder for over 2 years, without using any additives and losing nutritional values! It keeps it's flavour for an extended amount of time, so you always have a healthy way to start your day.

Major21, Your Nutrition at its finest!

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