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Major21 was born in mother nature. It's time to make life easier

Our journey began in 2016

It all started with gamers. Gamers felt the need for a healthy food product that was as easy to prepare as a store-bought pizza, so that they could spend as much time on their passion as possible. Meal shakes already existed, but all consisted of a blend of artificial vitamin supplements and some wheat products. According to us, this could not be labelled as healthy. Therefore, we worked on a formula that could  actually represent a healthy meal. Hours were spent on finding the right products and creating a balanced meal, according to the daily recommended allowance. In the end, we have created a perfectly-balanced blend that we are happy to share with the world. 

A perfect fit for your every day life

Our mission

Our mission is to assist people in becoming the best version of themselves by providing healthy and easy-to-prepare convenience food. We aim to be as environmentally conscious as we can by minimising our carbon emission as much as possible. We believe that by doing this we improve life of our customers and are able to improve life on earth as well. 

Simplicity in design and form

Natural ingredients only

We believe that a healthy meal cannot arise from artificial vitamin supplements. Therefore, we only use ingredients that mother nature provides. Our meal shake includes about 200 grams of fresh food products, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and dairy products. None of the valuable vitamins and minerals go to waste, by using an innovative drying technique. We are able to preserve 98% of the fresh quality. A Major21 meal shake provides you with all the benefits of a healthy meal without any effort.

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