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The bureaucracy has won over simple human relations. As a headman, I have to work with a huge amount of paperwork. They say this is just the beginning. You don't see people there at all. The main thing is that all statements and records are filled out according to the template. My papers are in order, but my soul is a complete hurricane.

Pupils and teachers are there, like consumables, a herd without their thoughts and feelings. They do not develop and do not use the mba essay editing service for their own development. No one sees anything supernatural in the fact that all students (even commercial ones) and teachers have bank cards of a well-known bank without the knowledge and permission to transfer personal data. Arguing this by the fact that after the card is issued, it can be abandoned.

I was indignant for a very long time: why am I being forced to refuse a service, for which I did not even give consent. After all, we are not even budget students and we do not need to receive a scholarship on the card. When my mother called the accounting department and the director of the college, everyone unanimously turned on a misunderstanding of the claims and rushed to tell how convenient it was to use the card. When I started look here, then I stopped looking at all this and began to study even better. Thus, I did not pay attention to such trifles. When I started using is resume proofreading service then I started to realize that I need to look at the main things. After all, the main thing then was training.

To the legitimate question of who allowed the transfer of personal data of a minor student to third parties, my mother is still waiting for an answer from the administration. They promised to call back a month ago.

Yes, and the teachers got into a strange situation with a credit card in the load. Local media wrote a whole block of articles on this topic.

The understanding that here you yourself do not decide anything is perceived by me very hard. After all, it cost nothing to make an offer to open a card and motivate them to do it themselves.

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